Our mission is our future.

Our future is based on conserving the values of the past and also on developing new methods for the sake of a better future. Running a family owned company can serve this aim perfectly: the wisdom of the seniors is combined with the dynamism and the thirst for new challenges of the juniors, working together for the next generation: our future. To find the balance between preservation and innovation is the real challenge of research.


Our environment and the whole created world are main values in our life; therefore their protection and preservation play a crucial role in all of our projects.  Our well equipped laboratories – named Pro-Research – serving this aim: the laboratory located in Budapest is entitled to environmental-friendly organic chemistry and analytical department, while the other in Székesfehérvár is conducting research for the protection of the environment. We also have a consulting office-branch in Székesfehérvár.


While conducting organic research in the laboratory of Budapest we are committed to use and develop technologies for chemical synthesis maximizing the atom-efficiency, producing less waste, and using environmental friendly solvents and procedures. Our main projects target the synthesis of fluorescent dyes, ligands, and PET/SPECT precursors with in-built phase separation or user and environment-friendly purification.


Our laboratories  serve as an environmental R&D laboratory. Our projects are mainly focusing on waste utilization, producing biofertilizers from industrial wastewater, vitamins from food waste etc. Moreover, we prepare enantiopure isomers of pesticides for research purposes.

Our labs are well equipped and built on the European standards: the laboratories are fitted with fume hoods and mobile exhaust arms. In the fume hoods we are able to use inert atmosphere and Schlenk technique.

The office branch in Székesfehérvár has been preserving the same values and the strong commitments towards environmental protection since its foundation in 1999. Our colleagues are experts in IPPC procedures and in preparing documentations required by environmental protection laws. Private enterprises as well as local governments (cities, counties) can be found among our clients