Organic chemistry laboratory

  • Custom synthesis mainly focusing on the preparation of compounds for molecular imagining (PET-CT precursors, fluorescent dyes).
  • Product purification: flash chromatography,  preparative HPLC
  • Freeze drying for the aqueous samples


Analytical department

  • The  HPLC analytical instruments with diode array, fluorescence and mass spectrometric detectors and GC-MS provide us the possibility of identification, qualitative and quantitative characterization of the substances prepared in the organic chemistry laboratory
  • Preparative HPLC is used for purification of our products as well as to collect minor impurities of subtances for identification
  • Our FT-IR is capable to make transmittance and ATR spectra, this latter with both horizontal and single reflectance. For IR we have also KBr cuvettes for non-aqueous liquid transmittance spectra.
  • The supercritical fluid chromatograph (SFC) is equipped with various chiral columns giving the possibility of preparation of pure enantiomers of drugs, pesticide and others. SFC provides an environmentally-friendly approach to analytical and semi-preparative separation of racemic mixtures.
  • Based on our collaborations we have close access to NMR and able to collect 1D and 2D NMR spectra.


Environmental research laboratory

  • Our projects are mainly focusing to waste valorisation projects like whey to vitamin D, or methyl levulinate synthesis etc.